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Plum Environmental (“Plum”) is a high-tech chemical processing company focused on developing, commercialising and delivering technology to convert plastic and electronic waste ("E-waste") into valuable products. Our aim is to significantly reduce the volume of plastic waste and e-waste worldwide, and ultimately be a defining cog in the circular economy of plastics.

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Closing the Plastic Loop

Advanced Upcycling technology to provide a globally sustainable solution to end-of-life waste plastics


The Plum Solution

PLUM Environmental has developed unique core infrar-red conversion technology via pyrolysis that can convert post-consumer waste plastics into renewable chemicals including virgin-equivalent monomers for re-application into the production of new plastic products.

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Changing the Way we See Waste Plastics

Plum's vision is to change the way the World see waste plastics. The current environmental damages being caused by the disposal of waste plastics to landfill and our oceans, as well as the crude oil consumption in the production of plastics, are an unnecessary social cost. 

Plum sees waste plastics as an opportunity and we believe the World will too someday. With Plum's upcycling technology, we can find a sustainable solution to waste plastics that not only reduces the amount of waste plastics in landfills and our oceans, but Plum's pyrolysis oil produced from end-of-life plastics reduces the need for crude oil in the production of primary plastics.

We Want Waste Plastic

20 Tonnes per Day

Our Plant can process up to 20 tonnes of mixed, dirty plastics per day. Modular design enables increased capacity with scale.

Pyrolysis Oil

Crude Oil Alternative

Pyrolysis oil produced by Plum's converter comes from post-consumer plastics. This reduces the need for crude oil in the production of primary plastics. We also help plastic-consuming organisations to meet their social accountability targets and reduce their environmental footprint.



Conventional recycling of post-consumer plastics does not meaningfully contribute to the circular economy of plastics due to the degradation of polymers in the recycling process. Most disposed plastics cannot be re-used efficiently and end up in landfill.


Upcycling takes post-consumer plastics for the creation of new primary products, making a genuine contribution to the circular economy or plastics.

Primary Plastics

Circular Economy

Plum's technology plays a pivotal role in the circular economy of plastics by taking post-consumer waste primary plastics and upcycling for the production of new primary plastics once again. This reduces the need to produce new plastics from harmful ingredients such as crude oil, as well as reducing plastic waste going to landfill and ending up in our oceans

Plum's Technology

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We can process waste with limited handling or disassembly, and can recover vaiours presious and base metals while converting the waste plastics to fuels

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly solution that exerts virtually zero emissions.

Gas generated from the Plant can be used to feed the generator powering the Plant


Stable operation and no coking issues, which is a major problem faced by competing technologies

Cost Effective

Precious metals recovered as a by-product of the pyrolysis process - no additoinal costs to process

Enquiries - How We Can Help You Ensure A Sustainable Future of Plastics

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